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So, what is it all about??

“Have you ever had neck pain?” Unfortunately, too many people reply this question with a “yes”. Especially desk workers are affected by this.

This is why we developed a smart patch that has an eye on your neck muscles for you by using the latest sensor technology. The smart patch notifies you through either our app our an integrated vibration module within the smart patch right when you are about to overload your neck.

Our concept for your neck!


Don’t want to miss your favorite sweater or suit? As you whish! You can easily combine our smart patch with whatever you like as it is conceptualized as a tight undershirt.

Artificial Intelligence

The latest machine learning technology allows us to foresee the fatigue of your neck muscles precisely.

Easy replaceable

Change the textile around the electronic device easily. The textile is completly machine washable


Our app informs you via a push notification as soon as your neck muscles get tired. If you are in an important meeting you can turn off the instant alarm and check your statistics afterwards.

Fast charging

You don't want to charge the TenSense every day ? Luckily you dont have to. The battery lasts 3 days and ist charged 100% within 2 hours.

All Inclusive

We offer a full-service solution including exercises you can do at work. Our App shows you personalized video tutorials to relax your neck.

Lust das EQUIL-Shirt zu testen ?

For direct payers

Mit uns gehören Nackenschmerzen der Vergangenheit an. Profitieren Sie von High-Tech Kleidung zum Einstiegspreis


For Corporates

Um Mitarbeiter an sich zu Binden müssen Unternehmen immer mehr bieten. Mit unseren Corporate Health Lösungen profitieren Sie von motivierteren und gesünderen Mitarbeitern.


Für Sanitätshäuser

Sie wollen Ihren Kunden modernste Produkte anbieten? Durch unsere Lösungen unterscheiden Sie sich nachhaltig von ihren Mitbewerbern


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